Writing a letter on behalf of your boss

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Personal Apology Letter on Someone’s Behalf

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Viktor’s Letter

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Human Resources: Do’s and Don’ts of Reporting Discrimination or Unlawful Harassment

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Sample Letters of Appreciation

Sep 30,  · I use 'for and on behalf of' when sending an email or meeting request for someone else, and 'pp' when sending a letter when my boss or another individual is not around to sign it and has given me permission to sign it on their behalf.

2) letter from an individual - if writing a letter for someone else you should make clear right away that you are not that person and whether you have their permission to write: Example A: "I am writing you on behalf of your customer, John Doe, at his request.

The best way to write a letter to a judge starts with knowing how to format it. Whether you are writing as a victim or on behalf of a defendant, it must be written in business-style and in a professional tone in order for the judge to take the letter seriously.

When signing a letter I have created on behalf of someone else, I sign the person's name or if they have a signature on file (this could be a stamp or in an electronic file) I use it on the closing line but then I place my initials close to the signature, so that the person reading the letter knows that I wrote it.

Always sign the letter in ink if you're writing a congratulatory letter to a colleague or penning a commendation to one of your employees. A digital signature just isn't the same when your purpose is to convey appreciation for someone doing a good job or expressing your personal thoughts.

Type the letter as normal, with a closing as dictated. Type the name of the boss, leaving enough space for a signature. Sign the letter. The employee signing the letter does not sign the name of his or her boss. Rather, the employee signs with his or her own name. This is known as procuration.

Writing a letter on behalf of your boss
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