Write an informal letter to your penfriend

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Writing an Informal Letter

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HOW TO WRITE A LETTER - B1 LEVEL LETTER STRUCTURE A letter is usually made up of three main parts: opening: start with an opening expression and make some personal comments; main part with 1 or 2 paragraphs: say why you are writing, give the information you have been asked and some more details of your own.

Make your requests. Writing Letters: formal & informal English A letter to your friend and a cover letter for a job application are written very differently.

Sample letter to your pen-friend, who lives in England, introducing yourself to him

Whether you work in business or are taking the general IELTS or CELPIP test, knowing the difference between informal and formal writing is a skill you should have.

Write A Letter Which You Hope To Be Published In Your Local Newspaper  Write a letter which you hope to be published in your local newspaper. Inform readers what leisure facilities are available for young people and families in your area and explain how you think they can be improved.

Writing Penfriend Letters.

Sample letter to your pen-friend, who lives in England, introducing yourself to him

Having a penfriend is an excellent way for students to practice their English. This can either be done the old fashioned way by sending the letter through the post office (now known as snail mail for its slow pace) or by e-mail using the internet.

Sample letter to your pen-friend, who lives in England, introducing yourself to him.

An informal letter to a friend

Dear Avinash, Thanks for the letter. It gives me great pleasure to have correspondence with a pen-friend like you and is interested in continuing this in future.

Writing an Informal Letter Write an informal letter to your penfriend
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