Write a special letter to santa claus

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Write a Magical Letter from Santa to Your Child

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Letter to santa

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And he stares give me does when I email him, so, HA. For you click on one of the narratives, it will appear larger. Have your child write a letter to Santa and place it in an envelope addressed to: Santa Claus, North Pole.

Later write a personalized response. (this is the tricky part! Create a lasting Christmas memory for a special child with their very own letter from Santa. Our personalized letters are filled with the child’s accomplishments, wish lists, favorite activities and more.

Surprise your child with a personalized Letter from Santa—postmarked from the North Pole!*. REMEMBER THE EXCITEMENT Of Getting Something In The Mail When You Were A Child Now imagine if that something was a letter from Santa Claus himself, signed by him, stating exactly your name and what you wanted for Christmas?

Now, give that thrill to the special child in your life or even to an adult who's still a child at heart!

Santa Letter

Adults often naturally look for ways to discredit authenticity. Letter to Santa Claus was created to boost children’s excitement and joy at Christmastime.

Given that it is such a magical time, Santa Claus called us from the North Pole asking us to help him answer the thousands of letters that he was getting from all over the world.

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Write a special letter to santa claus
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Letter from Santa Claus when u write Santa! See free Santa video.