Television does more harm than good

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You'll Go Blind: Does Watching Television Close-Up Really Harm Eyesight?

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Parents are being warned to limit the amount of television their children watch before the age of two, after a major review found that it can. Television Is Doing More Harm To Students. the emphasis is on the fact that this medium of information causes more harm than good to students. Consequently, television provides the platform on which boisterous are shown on daily basis all over the students watch these films they sometimes register in their minds leading.

Parents are being warned to limit the amount of television their children watch before the age of two, after a major review found that it can do more harm than good to their ongoing development.

11 Reasons to Ditch Your Television

Cable television is a video delivery service provided by a cable operator to subscribers via a coaxial cable or fiber optics. Programming delivered without a wire via satellite or other facilities is not "cable television" under the Commission's definitions.

Transgender youth

Television does more harm than good When the TV was invented, it impressed the whole world, so everyone since then seeks to buy a one. In the past TV was only has less than ten channels and it were locked in the latest hours of night. Television Does More Harm Than Good.

Rather than increasing the educational channels, television are promoting harmful programs such as violence, sexual activities and also drugs. Television promotes harmful programs rather than focusing on education.

Violence is the common activity promoted by television by movies, game shows and also cartoons.

Television does more harm than good
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