Captain upson and the civil war letters

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Libby Prison

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Upson, Wisconsin

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Jul 12,  · John B. Gordon – Early Life & Career: The son of a prominent minister in Upson County, GA, John Brown Gordon was born February 6, At a young age, he moved with his family to Walker County where his father had purchased a coal mine.

It may be proper to add here that during the Mexican war Samuel Brown, Jr., Henry Starring, Franklin H. Heath, Silas S. Price, and Chester Ross, of Allegan County, served in Captain F. W. Curtenius' company in the First Michigan Infantry of that period; the two men last named dying in the service.

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Captain Andrew Upson’s Civil War Letters: These letters are from the collection at the Barnes Museum and follow Captain Upson’s Civil War experience from his first night in camp to his death following an ambush in Tennessee.

They are beautifully written. (Altoona, IA: Tiffcor Publishing House, ), 4. 8 David Primrose, Letters to Tobitha, A Personal History of the Civil War, Letters by Frederick Hess (Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ), 9 Smith Atkins, Ninety Second Illinois Volunteers (Freeport: Journal Steam Publishing House, ), 10 The Civil War Letters of Sergeant Onley Andrus, ed.

Current: Hoosier Soldiers in the Civil War Hoosier Soldiers in the Civil War. Thomas E.

Civil War and Reconstruction

Rodgers For example, when Theodore Upson’s company left, the men were treated to “a grand dinner in a grove” hosted by “the ladies and citizens” of South Milford, La Grange County. With Sherman to the Sea: The Civil War Letters, Diaries.

Captain upson and the civil war letters
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